This book was composed for amateur and propelled Black Magick clients. It begins by showing you some fundamental spells that all Black Magick experts should know and use, for example, Protection spells and Shadow Circles, it at that point gives you how any professional can expand the adequacy of their Magick by making an agreement with the goddess of fierceness. 

An admonition is given for certain spells that might be perilous for amateurs, for example, The Elder Gods Darkness Ritual. With enough practice one can turn into an Advanced Magick client with the guidance and spells in this book. 

This Black Magick Grimoire contains the accompanying spells. Spell of Protection Shadow Circle Pact with the goddess of fury, Lyssa Effigy Curse Binding by Fear Succubae's Lament (Dream Invasion) Discord and Darkness Hex Bones of Anger Hex Love Spell Three Nights of Hell Ring of Power (Artifact Crafting) Marriage Destruction Hex Voodoo Spell of Torment and Pain Vanity and Insanity Spell Pepper Pentacle (misfortune spell) Bad Luck Charm Contacting the Dead Lucifer's Burning touch Summoning a tempest Death Spell

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